New Bern, NC | Sun Rooms & Porches, Home Addition Remodeling

Parent Remodeling, LLC specializes in designing and constructing visually appealing, functional, custom sunrooms and screened-in porches for homes and businesses in New Bern, NC, and surrounding towns and beyond! Our experienced team of home remodelers will take your ideas and vision to create a sunroom or porch that exceeds your expectations. As a highly regarded Sunroom & Porch Contractor in New Bern, we will manage each component in the process, from pulling the necessary permits to the final cleanup.

Our sunrooms can be designed to be entirely insulated, so you can enjoy your new home additional through the cold winter season. We can also install electricity heating, air conditioning, lights, and all of your home convenience and entertainment requirements.  We are your top choice for New Bern Sunroom Design and Build Contractor Services. If you are looking to expand your home and create a wonderful sunroom or screened-in porch, we are steadfast in our dedication to bringing your vision to reality.

Contact us today and allow us to assist you with the design and build of your perfect sunroom. Our expert home remodeling contractors will work closely with you to make your new sunroom match your lifestyle requirements and your budget. You can contact us today at (860) 250-9631 to schedule a no-cost consultation and estimate!

Parent Remodeling, New Bern, Sunroom patio area with transparent vaulted ceiling
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