5 Reasons Adding Attic Insulation is Worth the Expense


Homeowners often ask, “Is adding attic insulation worth it?” 

Below are 5 benefits that we feel are worth it:

  1. Save on Energy Costs: Insulating your attic can help reduce your heating bills during the winter by minimizing heat loss through your ceiling and into the space above. It can also help with cooling in the summer by preventing hot attic air from expanding to your cooled rooms below.
  2. Comfort: Adding attic insulation increases comfort year-round by regulating temperatures at both extremes.
  3. Quieter Living Space: Added insulation will help reduce noise levels outside your home and between interior rooms.
  4. Improved Indoor Air Quality: Insulation prevents drafts and air leaks that can degrade your air quality. Improved air quality leads to overall well-being all year.
  5. Greater Home Value: With all of the above items considered, your overall home value will be improved. It’s an added benefit that many home buyers would be happy to see on your listing.

Parenting Remodeling, LLC in New Bern, NC can provide a free estimate for adding more attic insulation to your home so that you can start realizing the benefits now. Call us or use our Contact form to set an appointment and get on our schedule today.

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