Why now is the time to Remodel and Sell!

Parent Remodeling Finished Remodel of Brick Ranch

Are you a current homeowner and thinking about selling your home? Well, we have great news! Our current market is reaching new heights and sellers are earning more on their homes than ever before! With fewer upgrades, you could be doubling or tripling your money. When you use Parent Remodeling, you gain expertise. We take the time to understand what’s selling in the market, so you don’t have to.

Currently, homes on average are selling for 20% more than they were a year ago and 3% more than they were just one month ago. Imagine your return if you took the time to revamp your home! Homes that have been freshly remodeled will decrease your time on the market and increase your total earnings.

In the New Bern, North Carolina housing market, active listings are down 59% than they were a year ago today! However, the amount of buyers has stayed consistent. What that means is that there is a severe shortage of houses and homebuyers are willing to outbid and out pay due to the shortage. How does Parent Remodeling assist you in this journey? Easy! We help you set your house up for success with the highest ROI possible!

The average homebuyer wants to find a move-in-ready home. Unless your buyer is an investor looking to flip a house, then you want to get your home as close to picture-perfect as possible.

On a tight budget and don’t know what rooms to make a priority? We have you covered! Remodeling the wrong areas of your home can end up costing you money in the end. In every house, certain rooms draw more attention than others. Whether it’s a bathroom remodel or an entire roof reno, you are in great hands. With a bathroom remodel alone, you can earn up to 2-3% more for your home. In a multiple offer market, you need to be able to start the asking price high and back it up.

When ranking homebuyers top 3 most important spaces, 80% listed the kitchen. When remodeling a kitchen, it can be tricky for homeowners to understand what needs to be done. Should you get all new appliances? Take out the current cabinetry? Bring the backsplash up to date? That’s where we come in! Once we are scheduled to do an in-depth walkthrough of your home, we will be able to tell you what areas we see need improvement.

Alongside that, not every upgrade has to be a major upgrade. Our experts will evaluate the current state of your home and take into consideration the small adjustments that can be made to keep the maximum amount in your wallet. Not every room remodel is a complete demo. Keep in mind, upgrading your home is truly a work of art. You have to blend all of the aspects of your home to make the entire house look remodeled. Why stress, when you can call the best? Call Parent Remodeling at 860.250.9631 to get your FREE QUOTE today!

The answer, yes! The hurricane season is always on the top of everyone’s mind when buying a home close to the coast. Why? Flood damage, roof repairs, and much more. Let’s ease that worry and make sure the roof is in great shape before your house is even on the market! While all homebuyers will enjoy a brand new kitchen, they will enjoy it a lot less if the roof is leaking onto their beautiful new granite countertops.

A solid roof is fundamental to any quality home remodel. Let our professionals stop by and evaluate the condition of your roof! After all, we are the pros you can trust.

Our mission is simple, to rejuvenate neighborhoods and increase the standard of living by improving the overall quality of housing for the residents. We do this by combining our passion for real estate and our expertise in the remodeling industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to rejuvenate communities and to make homeownership a reality.

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