Is Your Roof at Risk? Don’t Ignore Missing Shingles and Ridge Caps

Missing Shingles? Roofing Installation and Replacement Contractor in Rocky Hill, CTAre you missing shingles?

As the weather warms up, many New Bern homeowners start working in their yards. You might discover a piece of roof shingle while you're out there and wonder where it came from. It's critical to realize that missing shingles may represent a serious issue, and you should act right away if you detect them.

Shingles can break off in high winds, leaving your roof vulnerable to water damage. This damage can be especially severe if the missing shingle is a ridge cap. Ridge caps are the final shingles installed on your roof, providing a finished look to the peak. They are typically installed over a ridge vent, which serves as an exhaust for attic ventilation.

Ridge Cap Gone?

If you're missing a ridge cap, your vent is now exposed and open to your attic (you'll see daylight in your attic space). This can lead to costly damage to your ceilings, insulation, and roof deck. It's crucial to call a professional immediately if you find pieces of shingle in your yard or notice any missing ridge caps.

Ignoring these issues can lead to further damage and expense down the line. A qualified roofing contractor can assess the damage and offer repair or replacement options that can help prevent more significant issues. Call Parent Remodeling, LLC  (860.250.9631) as soon as you can to safeguard the security and structural integrity of your property. Don't take any chances with your roof.

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