How To Enjoy Your Sunroom This Fall

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When you think about your sunroom, we’re sure that you probably imagine spending most of your summer there. But, what about fall? The gorgeous scenery, the picturesque changing of leaves, the cool autumn breeze, and all the wonders of fall surrounding you in your cozy sunroom.

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Autumn Breeze, Changing Leaves, and Cozy Comfort.

Here in North Carolina, our fall scenery can be absolutely breathtaking. With the leaves changing and the weather beginning to cool, we find ourselves wanting to see the outdoors more and more. With an equipped sunroom, we can make your sunroom feel like you’re in the comfort of your living room only with exceptional views! To heighten your experience, there are a few features we recommend. These features include insulated glass walls, climate control, and adjustable lighting. Here at Parent Remodeling, we keep all seasons in mind when building your sunroom, even hurricane season. When we build our sunrooms, we make sure they can withstand strong winds, heavy rain, and more!

Not looking for a fully equipped sunroom and want something a little simpler? No problem! Enclosing your porch might be the way to go if you’re looking for a simple, quick way to enjoy your sunroom this season. Just grab a throw blanket, your hot apple cider, and relax!

Creating The Perfect Fall Enclosure

  • Keep it simple — The best part about your sunroom is the views. Keeping your decor simple will ensure that you keep the focus on the beautiful autumn scenery. Overcrowding your sunroom can make it feel cramped, cluttered, and anything but comforting.
  • Autumn Palette — Fall provides us with such an amazing color palette already, why mess with it? Subtle, muted tones are perfect for this season. Colors such as vanilla, oatmeal, rusty orange, and honey are fall classics.
  • Cozy and Comfortable — To create a cozy atmosphere that’s ideal for fall, there are a few quick items you need to add. Placing a throw blanket on your sofa or folding them in a basket next to your chairs will create a sense of warmth in your sunroom. Next, we recommend adding a few plush throw pillows. Keeping with the autumn palette, this can help incorporate a fall style into your sunroom while improving comfort.
  • Let’s Talk Lighting — Wanting to create a sense of warmth can be easily achieved by adding some lower lighting that is more relaxing. Adding candles, or faux candles can help add depth to your lighting and create a better ambiance.
  • Pumpkins, Leaves & Basic Touches — Adding small touches of pumpkins, acorns, ceramic leaves, or other autumn basics can help your sunroom transition from summer to fall.

Benefits Of Creating A Multi-Season Sunroom

  • One benefit is being able to host holiday parties in your sunroom all year long. Ran out of space in your dining room? No worries! Let’s enjoy that Thanksgiving dinner in your sunroom. What’s a better way to enjoy thanksgiving than by being surrounded by the perfect fall scenery.
  • Loving watching the fireworks during Fourth of July but hate dealing with the traffic? Then quite the road rage and enjoy them from the comfort of your sunroom. With gorgeous glass walls, you’ll be able to see anything!
  • Have little kids who want to enjoy being outside but hate that there are so many mosquitoes this time of year? Stop the fuss! Kids can enjoy arts and crafts, snack time, and much more in your new and improved cozy sunroom.
  • Having an outside/inside area such as a sunroom can provide an airy and light place for you to relax all year long. With strong glass windows and other weather-resistant materials, it can keep you relaxed rain or shine.

If the joys of having a sunroom are seeming irresistible, then give us a call! We can help walk you through all of the different options when building or revamping your sunroom. Whether you want a screened-in porch or a fully equipped sunroom, we are here to help.

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